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We're so glad you joined us

It's hard to be new...

 We’re glad you’ve made it this far and we’ll try to not make things any harder for you. We won’t make you stand up in front of everyone and there aren’t any secret passwords or rituals that you’ll be in the dark on. You can expect a laid back atmosphere with people from all walks of life worshiping together. 

Expect authenticity. Expect a focus on God. We don’t want to put on a show and we’re not trying to sell Jesus to you. We want to worship God, learn about Him and follow Him together. We like to sing. Some of us sing loud, some just like to look at the words. We take communion and give offering every week. You’re welcome to participate in both! Expect to open the Bible and hear it taught every week. If you don’t have a Bible, it’s OK. There should be one under a seat near you. If you have a smartphone and would like to use a Bible app, that is great too!

We’re pretty informal. Some people like to dress up, some wear jeans and t-shirts. Feel free to dress comfortably.

We love families! We offer programming for Infants – 12th graders on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. You can trust that your kids will be taken care of by people who love kids and will be engaged with age intentional programming aimed at helping them connect with God and understand His love for us.

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